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ref date:2 Nov 1998 (HEA)
Labour will put Scots families at landlords mercy

In a shallow attempt at moving the costs and problems associated with running council homes for at least 30% of the Scottish electorate Labour is trying to hide the costs in private sector quangos.

Much of Scotlands council housing was built in the 1930s-1940s and again in the early 1960's.

The properties have been largely allowed to fall into decline by the councils who were supposed to be responsible for their upkeep - LABOUR councils with LABOUR voters living there!

One would hope that as the prospect of higher rents and factors (private landlords) raises its head, these Labour voters would STOP wasting their votes on the party that has done little for them and would vote for the SNP, not as a mid-term protest vote, but as a sea change signaling London that they and their right wing Labour party are no longer wanted.

For as long as these Scots keep voting Labour it will be the same cycle of poverty for them. The SNP at least offer the prospect of politics for the Scottish public and NOT politics for Londons benefit.