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ref date:6 Sep 1999 (EDU)
Scottish teachers will not be blackmailed by London

It has been almost 8 months since London set its war dogs, hell hounds and spin doctors lose on the education system. They have set out to keep teachers pay low, hours longs and burden them with extra unpaid work. They (London) have tried to foist half-baked exams on us. They have NOT listened to the teachers and now they'll pay the price along with Scotlands school children

Scottish parents need to matters into their own hands, demand the extra cash that Scottish schools need and insist that London keeps its meddling , lying tongue OUT of Scottish internal affairs.

The Scottish school system isn't perfect, but the stupid and backward thinking ideas the USA delegates brought to the millennium education forum are a sad joke. US education is a pitiful mess, standards are lower than many of Scotlands worst schools.

Make sure that as parents YOU tell your MP/MSP what YOU want. London has no business here.