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ref date:30 Aug 1998 (SI)
Scottish Nationalists Put Englands Queen On the Spot

The leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, is to talk with Prince Charles about possible roles the monarchy in England may adopt in an independent Scotland - if any

The SNP' own documents state:

The SNP would encourage the head of state to develop a new and modern role in Scottish society with appropriate and non-imperialistic forms of public ceremony. The head of state will represent the people of Scotland on ceremonial, state and international occasions, but will have no executive power. There will be no Scottish privy council

The Royal families of England and Scotland were united under one king, James the 1st and 6th.

This man then neglected Scotland, moved to England but the die was cast.

Scotland has paid dearly for this 'union of the crowns' - London continued to subdue the Scots through open warfare, blackmail , bribery and attrition for many decades AFTER this so called Union.

Many Scots do not regard the monarchy of England, the House of Windsor, as having any legitimate right to any Scottish land or favours. They are instead regarded as an anachronism, an affectation of Empire and a tourist attraction.

The Scots have paid for centuries for the actions of James VIth of Scotland - he sold his country out. This man gave land to wealthy Englishmen and to Scottish supporters of his miserly policies towards his native Scotland.

It is time the world acknowledged the legitimacy of the 'Windsors' to Lord over England if England pleases but to realize more Scots are anti-monarchy than are pro-independence.