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ref date:2 Jan 1999 (WBA)
The (anti) Scotsman newspaper is in Labours proverbial pocket

The Scotsman Newspaper ( used to be a quality newspaper that tackled all the issues affecting the Scots of the near-millennium.

However, after the recent loss of one of its leading columnists, it appears more and more to be the poodle of Tony Blairs Labour party.

The Scotsman should be renamed 'Blairs vision' - blurred vision more like.

Editorial comment you'd expect from a high school gossip bulletin spews forth from this once great paper that makes anyone who cares about Scotland sick to the pit of the stomach.

One of its commentaries read:

Against that, the SNP offers a youngish team, with no experience of
government, condemned to use guerrilla tactics only. The Nationalists
must hit and run without ever being pinned down in an argument while
praying that any of their representatives who happen not to be Alex
Salmond are spared scrutiny. 
At the same time it lavished praise on Tony Blair because 'he is the man', the man who gave us (the Scots) a chance to play politics in a ham strung parliament that will be vetoed as soon as London gets upset.

Although I should not say this, perhaps the paper should just be starved out of business. Any Scots who care about their county should cease buying this Labour controlled rag.

Perhaps there are knighthoods wrapped in Sterling (as Euros are obviously so anti-Scottish....) in the dark secret corners the paper is now written in?