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ref date:4 Jan 2001 (SI)
Queen Elizabeth the first of the UK 50 years on

Englands Queen Elizabeth (she is not heir to the Scottish throne as Charles Stewart HAS living bloodline relatives who have a LAWFUL claim to Scotlands Kingship) has been 'Queen' for 50 years.

Whoopy do.

In that time we Scots have seen our land utilised by the idle Royal rich and have been kept at the beg and call of London through lies and carefully moulded nation bashing, turning most Scots into Labour voters who continue to sell their country and themselves out.

I for one will not be celebrating a continuance of my country being kept as a colony for Englands benefit. This Queen (the real name is NOT Windsor, but Battenburg , or some such thing) has no place involving herself , her family or her English government in Scotlands affairs and should retire from Scottish soil permanently.