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ref date:19 Mar 1999 (SI)
Queen to be present at opening of her last colonial parliament

Henry McLeish, the devolution minister said that the opening of the Scottish parliament would be "appropriate for a modern parliament while fully recognizing Scotland's traditions".

What traditions?
Subservience to Londons wishes?

Giving to to superior military London controlled military?
Being sold down the river by Churchmen and rich land owners?
Having people who always vote Labour like their grandfathers did?
Taking the scraps that fall from Westminsters table?
Letting London decide who can and cant invest in Scotland?
Having to obey the London controlled Scottish Office?

Making us look like nothing more than kilt wearing, drunken louts who chase haggis and play bagpipes?

Ask anyone from abroad about Scotland, they've been kept in dark about London has done to the Scots - no longer.

We are not a collection of 18th century hill dwelling farmers but a modern western economy. We have no need of an outmoded royal family. We have no need of the trading rights lent by the English. We have the EU now.

Best if the Queen just stayed in London as what she is. Elizabeth the second of England and first (and LAST) of the so called "UK".