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ref date:28 Jun 1999 (SI)
Lets not forget the English Royal Family murdered the Scots Royals

There is no more to say here. The so called Windsors ( not even their real name but a political convenience adopted during a war fought against their German relatives earlier this century) have NO place in Scotland.

Their murdering ancestors raped and pillaged Scotland, destroyed much of our culture and used us as fodder for their wars across the globe.

James the I and VI is an irrelevance, he is an anomaly that sold out his country to play in Londons riches.

Many Scots do not want these so called Royals anywhere near Scotland.

As for Holyrood 'palace', it should be turned into a monument that makes VERY clear what part England's Royals and parliament (not really Englands people) played and continue to play in subduing the Scots.