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ref date:1 Feb 1999 (ENV)
SNP will ensure estates do as their inhabitants wish

For centuries now many (but not all) rich Scottish land owners have exploited their renting tenant farmers, and held court over vast tracts of land they rented out for grouse and deer shooting parties.

This has often flown in the face of local opinion.

Labours proposed land reforms in Scotland are too weak and the SNP have a better idea!

Roseanna Cunningham, the SNP's land spokesman, said: "Whereas Labour in its land policy seems willing only to try and tackle the small number of bad landlords, with what are now turning out to be impractical and ineffective suggestions, the SNP wants to get rid of bad landlords and make sure that every Scottish estate is influenced by the views and needs of those who live on it."

While Labour has opted for a system of voluntary codes, the SNP wants community contracts to be legally binding and mandatory for any estate receiving public grants, which would include Balmoral.

This would remove many of Elizabeth the 1sts (of the "UK") control over the lives and times of this estate.