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ref date:7 Mar 2002 (WBA)
Blair to reduce or scrap rights of many workers

In September 2001 Patricia Hewitt the Trade and Industry Secretary said 'We cant allow workers to be left in limbo when a public service contract transfers from one company to another and we wont allow our public servants to be short-changed. Thats why I am going to strengthen protection for occupational rights'

But now a cabinet paper leaked to the public domain and endorsed by Tony Blair says 'The primary concern of the unions is to remove the conditions under which a two-tier workforce can develop. They are asking for recruits to be treated no less favourably than transferred workers ... this would seriously lessen the flexibility contractors would have to make efficiency improvements'

Basically, Blair wants his cabinet to do whatever BUSINESS wants, and ignore what employees may NEED. This is SO Tory , right wing and ANTI Labour of him.