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ref date:28 Feb 1999 (SI)
Princess Anne - Queen of Scots or poacher of titles?

Lets be honest. We know that the English (I use that term losely as that royal family spread its "seed" widely) royal family, headed by the current Elizabeth the first (of the UK - she is NOT Elizabeth the second), wiped the Scottish royal family from the map quite some time ago.

James the 1st of England and 6th of Scotland abandoned his homeland and let it rot whilst he indulged himself in pleasures that would raise eyebrows even today. He did not join the crowns, he abandonned his people for the 'gaiety' of London town.

Even given the contemporary good that Prince Charles does, and for all the tourists the Royals attract they are an anachronism in a modern democratic society.

We are not bees , nor ants, nor termite drones - we need no queen.

Princess Anne will NOT become the princess regent of Scotland. Our Royal Scottish line was terminated by the "English" to stave of political and religious unrest, we will not adopt in its place.