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ref date:27 Feb 2003 (cd)
Scots no say over war with Iraq
Its been clear that there is NO support in the population of the UK for ANY war with Iraq. 93% of all people polled (by REAL polls) are against the prospect of war saying it was NOT justifiable.

Blair may be blinded by Bushes ideas, but as Pinter said Blair is a 'hired Christian thug'.

Last night over 100 of his OWN labour MPs said NO to Blairs plans for an accelerated war with Iraq.

The Scots pay cash, and give their sons and daughters to the 'British' army, as ever, to help fight Londons wars.

The vote was a blow against Blair .

Alex Salmond said "It should be a real shot across the bows for Mr Blair and hopefully he will slow up in his headlong rush to war. The prime minister is now dependent on the Conseravtive party to sustainn his position"

Well Blair is the new TORY party anyway!