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ref date:16 Nov 2000 (TRA)
Blairs plans to privatise air traffic control break devolution act

Transport is a matter devolved to the Scottish parliament, that includes air traffic control as I see no mention of that being a matter 'reserved to westminster' in the act documents online.

After we have seen the deaths and mayhem caused by greedy private firms running our railways, does Blair honestly expect to increase safety or efficiency by putting our lives in the hands of the private sector when we fly?

How will the government act when FOREIGN tourists die in our airspace as a result of private company air traffic foulups?

Blair has better look to what has happened with the Concorde crash scenario to see the monetary , human suffering and other damages, and this wasn't even a private sector error.

If the Scots are to believe in devolution (the majority now do not) they must see London keeping its dirty hands out of Scottish affairs in areas they promised too.