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ref date:1 Feb 2003 (edu)
More plans to privatise and wreck Scottish education
Cathy Jamieson, the education minister, is seeking powers to ease the sacking of head teachers and replace them with businessmen to run schools that dont meet government 'targets'

The same woman wants to have just ONE set of exams at the end of a Scottish childs education rather than the split old system that left children with GREAT flexibility to JUST do 'O' grades and leave for the workplace at 16, or do 'Highers' and go onto University/College OR work or even do '6th year studies' and specialise in says Maths or Chemistry BEFORE starting University.

One set of exams fits ALL DOES NOT FIT ANYONE. Some kids would do better in the workplace or vocational training, but MANY need to study hard at Maths or Physics before meeting with European, English or Overseas peers in the sciences especially in University. She said " Depending on the circumstances, we could look at bringing in people from the private sector to help to improve school discipline, management, financial control or the curriculum. It could be a multi- functional post within the school but it would be very much a last resort. Most of the experts would be from other schools or local authorities but if ministers felt they needed private sector expertise we would not rule that out.?"