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ref date:1 Feb 1999 (CD)
Labours killing the army

An independent Scotland would not need the massive defence expenditure currently 'enjoyed' by London.

Of the people I know who are ex and current 'British' armed service employees (thats what they are after all) some would NOT want to join an all Scottish force controlled by Edinburgh. Some wouldn't mind.

But does it matter when the moves towards a larger European force controlled by the European parliament are well advanced anyway?

Roberston (another Blairite these days) said: "We also do not believe that an independent Scottish defence force could continue to pay its personnel the equivalent wage offered to the British Army. It is not enough for the SNP to say the rates of pay for army soldiers at independence will be the same, that is no guarantee of what might happen afterwards."

An MoD source said: "It would really pretty much be a home defence army with no power projection and in such a case who would want to join?"

Bless the MOD eh? People wouldn't join up because they wouldn't get to go to Iraq or the Balkans and kill foreigners... this MOD spokesman ought to have been on the Python team....

Bottom line: The jingoistic flag wavers just want to keep the so called "union jack" over Edinburgh castle. Sorry lads, take it when you leave. And oh yes, turn out the lights.