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ref date:24 Aug 1999 (SI)
Focus on inequalities Westminster imposes not trivia

There must be day to day running of the Scottish parliament,and the SNP must, as the legal opposition do what it can (in the face of Labours diktats to the Liberals) to prevent Westminsters will being imposed on the Scots using the Holyrood parliament and the now useless Scottish Office as its instrument.

It saddens me to see infighting in the SNP, but at least its an open and healthy debate. It hasn't been conducted behind closed doors with more party whips than you'd find at a rodeo being used as is Labours behaviour.

Even though Alex Salmond must walk the tightrope and appear statesman like, he has a duty to exercise the will of the people who put him there and work for Scotland, not get bogged down in nothing BUT day-to-day matters.

The goal must be one of independence. It must be reiterated. The SNP have 4 years (at least) to constantly expose the deception (Continental tires) and short-selling of the Scots by Westminster AND its Labour lackies in Edinburgh. If that means the Scottish parliament is acrimonious thats a price worth paying. The eyes of many in the world are NOT looking to see how well we run this 'parliament' but what substantive things are achieved. The SNP must provide the substantives or Holyrood will be nothing more than the red-stamp for Labours chief executive housed 400 miles away in cosy Westminster.

Margo MacDonald merely voiced the opinion held by many SNP supporters who want to see Mr Salmond oppose the Labour/Liberal "coalition" and yet make it clear that independence is the only sound economic way forward for Scotland.

Now the SNP are the opposition, WHERE ARE THE DOCUMENTS THAT PROVE THE SCOTS SUBSIDISE WESTMINSTER? Many Scots would like to the evidence NOW.