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ref date:22 Jun 1999 (WBA)
London veto will keep secrets from Scots and their government

Blair promised open government, Blair promised a freedom of information bill, the Liberals jumped into bed with labour because they were promised an immediate end to University fees in Scotland and a real freedom of information bill commensurate with a modern democracy.

Blair LIED. The Liberals have backed down. All to make WESTMINSTER happy

Now Westminster can veto the release of any document sent to the Scottish parliament if comes from Her '*!&@@' government in London.

Freedom of speech has been suppressed in Scotland, and we'll never find out now exactly how much we subsidise these thieving Westminster pirates.

All Scots with a brain and a spine can see what a sham this so called Scottish parliament is, it jigs to the strings pulled the 'Scottish Office', at Londons command

Independence. Nothing Less. Lets hope we see some backbone soon.

A London ministerial source said "Any information supplied in confidence by Her Majesty’s Government would only be disclosed in accordance with the Freedom of Information regime for the UK. It would be up to the department that passed it to us to decide whether to release the information."

Note the use of the word "freedom" and "regime" in the same sentence. Blair und Thatcher uber alles.....