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ref date:3 Aug 2001 (SI)
Dewar and Smith WERE keeping Scotland a Colony for Englands benefit

The Scots Independent newspaper described Donald Dewar and John Smith (both Labour MPs and PRO Westminster), who had both been students at Glasgow university, as "former colonial governors of Scotland" and said the decision to put their names on its memorial gates was part of a campaign "to sanctify the reputations they never had in life".

A column under the pseudonym Tam Jenkins-Home reads: "Today the University of Glasgow is still a bastion of British imperialism: a papal foundation now stappit fu of Anglo-Saxon academics whose sole ambition is to get back as soon as possible to Oxbridge, a middle-class Anglo-aping collective bitter opponent of Scottish, though not English, nationalism. And to prove all that, it has added the names in gilt of the arch anti-nationalists to its memorial gates of two former colonial governors of Scotland, the Rt Hon John Smith and the Rt Hon Donald Dewar - following a sustained campaign by the Labour party's spin doctors retrospectively to sanctify the reputations they never had in life."

I'm afraid the paper is right, both these good men, though honest in their believes towards Labour and forthright in their support of Westminster both CONDEMDED Scotland to Londons rule and thereby subdued the ability of Scots to see past the narrow colonial confines constructed years before for Westminsters benefit.