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ref date:24 Sep 1999 (SI)
Union flag offensive to many Scots - its true

There is nothing more galling to many Scots than to see the "Union" flag flying over Edinburgh castle, Stirling castle and many other buildings in and around Scotland. Andrew Wilson, SNP stalwart, who although confused over issues regarding "Britishness" said QUITE RIGHTLY

that the "Union Flag" was "an offensive symbol which does not refer to anything other than colonialism and some of the worst things happening in Northern Ireland".

Northern Ireland is neither here nor there. But the flag stands for 300 years of subjugation, blatant manipulation and jingoism that has make South Eastern England wealthy at the cost of millions of deaths during empire building promulgated by Westminster on the peoples of all the Earths continents.

The Scots who gave their lives during world warII did it because they hated what Nazi Germany stood for, they didn't do it to protect this damnable Unionist clap trap symbolised by the Union Jack.

Should we say "hurrah" as Hawk jets bomb civilians in East Timor - after all they are foreigners, not British, not like us are they.

Stand by that flag chaps.

What a collection of retards.

Is this what "British" means, being the worlds second biggest exporter of weapons to unstable, undemocratic governments? I suppose it does as the vetos and reserved powers London has over the "Scottish parliament" is a more benign form of the same arrogant attitude.

You know just where you can put your UNION flag.....