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ref date:8 Mar 2002 (WBA)
Scotlands voice being strangled by London as voters disenfranchised

The boundary commission, a vehicle used by London to fix voting boundaries and keep MPs of the ruling party in power, is set to decrease the number of Scottish MPs in LONDON, where Scotland gets its VERY LIMITED international voice heard, from 72 to 59.

This because London says the Scottish parliament (which is controlled FROM London via the Labour party in Blairs filthy hands) is enough for the Scots people.

This is discrimination of a vile sort, it disenfranchises the Scots people and helps hide voices calling for Scottish independence from the eyes and ears of the worlds press and TV.

This is what being a colony is all about, and those idiots in Scotland who voted for Labour are voting themselves and their country and their childrens future into oblivion.