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ref date:2 Oct 2002 (cd)
Huge anti-war protest in London
150,000 to 200,000 people made their feelings about Blair and Bush's plans to attack Iraq (rather than Saddam) very clear on Sunday.


With slogans like "No blood for oil" and "(Ariel) Sharon is a killer" - the sentiment points the so called "UK" and "USA" to acknowledge that the terrorist behavior in the middle East extends to Israels government, and the US need to fill up V8 trucks, rather than just unconfirmed reports over what another dictator (Hussein) has or does not have in his arsenal.

Tony Benn, former Labour MP and peace activist, urged protesters to do all they could to stop 'a war that would involve criminal loss of life of innocent people' (implying this could be seen as criminal as the loss of civilians in the terrorist attacks against the WTC on Sept 11th 2001)