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ref date:3 Feb 2003 (cd)
Cell phone microwave trackers breaches Human Rights laws
Western governments want you to have NO privacy anymore.

They want to decide who gets to know what about you, without your consent, and they will decide if you are a threat to so called 'national security'.

The TIA initiative in the USA, the carnivore system in the USA and its illegal snooping relatives on internet traffic in the so called UK are all insidious attempts to further regulate and control what we do, see, hear and ultimately believe.

He who controls the information flow controls the world. Something Hitler knew ONLY too well.

Now in the so called "UK", they plan to forceably install cell phone device tracking devices to 'help pay road taxes based on usage' OR JUST SNOOP ON YOUR WHEREABOUTS ALL THE TIME......

Tell these governments to stuff their unwarranted surveillance.

The European convention on Human rights is LAW now. Blair and his freaks have NO right to track you, analyse you, categorize you and when it suits them imprison you because THEY see you as a 'threat'.

Democracy starts with one word - "NO"!