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ref date:29 Mar 1999 (SI)

The Scottish office, a body of London approved bureaucrats had one of its lackies say that the SNP could not legally hold a referendum on Scottish idependence should it win control of the Scottish parliament and that they (the Scottish office) wouldn't sanction spending for that vote, their exact words were "What we would not be able to do was legislate or spend money on things that were ultra vires the devolved powers."


  • London probably realises that LABOUR WILL LOSE
  • The polls have been rigged and support for independence is stronger than is apparent
  • London will veto anything to keep its last colony

    The Scottish Office could NOT legally do this. To do so would contravene the human rights declaration that London signed that ensures that people of a particular race, be they Catalan, Yorkshiremen or SCOTS cannot have their identity suppressed by any otherwise governing body ie Westminster.

    The Scottish office are also being cowardly . They withheld valuable economic information from the SNP until the last minute, under Londons orders and are now agin playing POLITICS, which they are not supposed to do.

    The SNP have every right to hold the referendum.

    Given we are fighting to preserve the Kosovars, isn't it only fair the Scots are given a free vote to peacefully assert their right to self determination after 300 years under Londons 'benevolent' control