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ref date:22 Jan 2001 (HEA)
Pensioners hold key to McLeish future?

The Sutherland report was to be implemented in full, according to Henry McLeish. This means full-service long term care for the elderly in Scotland, paid for by the tax payer.

Its laudable, and I hope McLeish CAN do it. If he U-turns he'll spurn the old Labour voters (not that many of them now see the Labour party for what it has become, anti-socialist and Pro-Thatcherite).

This is ONE area where a tiny increase in income tax, as allowable under the devolution bill would be justifiable. But, we GIVE AWAY billions a year to London from our oil and gas revenues, and millions more in wireless license fees.

Better we become independent and care for our own folk, than continue subsidising Westminsters coffers.