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ref date:8 May 2003 (si)
Anti UK MSPs make plain their disgust over Queen Lizzie
Its disgusting that MPs in Scotlands parliament have to swear any oath to place the interests of Englands Queen BEFORE that of the Scottish people. The pro-Unionist ANTI SCOTTISH Labour, Liberal and Tory parties are only to happy to get down one one kneee and kiss 'Englands Arse' , as their treacherous forebearers have for generations, slighting Scotland and treating freedom like a dirty word.

The verbal treachery goes thus:

 I (Member's Name), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty 
Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law. So help me God. 
Whose law? Not Scottish Law anyway.

SNP, Socialist and Green party MSPs made plain their goal and desire was to serve the people of Scotland FIRST.

Here are some of their statements, read out before having to 'praise Lizzie'

Scottish Socialist party leader Tommy Sheridan made a short statement before taking the oath. He said: "I and my party colleagues were elected on a clear and honest commitment to an independent Socialist Scotland, a Socialist republic, a Scotland of citizens not a Scotland of subjects. We will continue to fight for such a Scotland."

Fellow socialist MSP Rosie Kane, who said last week her party would bring "craziness" to the parliament, had written "My oath is to the people" on the palm of her hand, which she held up as she took the affirmation.

John Swinney- SNP leader took the oath but said first: "On behalf of my colleagues can I confirm the prime loyalty of the Scottish National Party is to the people of Scotland, in the constitutional tradition of the sovereignty of the people."

Robin Harper- green party gave the formal affirmation but also declared: "On behalf of the Scottish Green Party I wish to affirm that our priority will be to serve the people of Scotland who are sovereign in this land."

So WHEN WILL THE SCOTS USE THEIR DAMNED PENS AND VOTE OUT THIS UNHOLY ALLIANCE WITH ENGLAND? HOW MANY INSULTS, DEGRADATIONS AND LIES WILL IT TAKE? The goal is not to build a wall to keep England and the English out, but to open a channel where we Scots are treated as Equals in our own land, and are sovereign in our affairs in the EU and the world.