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ref date:24 Feb 1999 (HEA)
Council renting tenants will face rent hikes

Tony Blur will make local authorities in Scotland push about 25% of their council owned (tenant rented) accommodation into what will effectively be private hands - and call them "community based companies"

There has been no mention of protection of the renters, many on below EU declared poverty lines, from the new and undoubtedly ruthless bodies that will have the life and death say over their homes.

Councils will be offered an "incentive" worth 125 million to help them decide to to drop their continued support for low cost housing.

This may save councils money on the housing front as they may well no longer be liable to pay out housing benefit cheques (subsidies) to help low income families.

This is another fine example of Blairs Tory poor house policies in action in Scotland.

Labour voters in Scotland, altogether.... baaaaaaa baaaa.