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ref date:15 Jul 2000 (WBA)
Scots artists of old insulted by Scotlands own national gallery

The Edinburgh festival is the worlds largest, longest festival of culture anywhere on the face of the earth. Lasting a month and encompassing every facet of culture, from "low" to "high" it draws in millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

Many go to Scotlands premier National gallery on the mound (a pile of dirt left over from the Building of Edinburghs 'new toun' centuries ago) in the hope of seeing examples of historic Scottish art work.

This year, there will be little to none.

Portraits and landscapes by Raeburn, Guthrie and McTaggart will be put into storage and replaced by ENGLISH art work by Constable. Constable was a genius no doubt, but would an Elvis fan go to Mephis and be presented with Punk Rock? Would a vegetarian go to his favourite restaurant and be faced with rare steaks?

Why should world famous Scottish art be supplanted at Edinburghs busiest time by works by an English artist?

Remember. We are Scottish first, European second and British only because our passports say so.....