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ref date:12 Aug 2000 (ECON)
In a pigs eye

In a scenario all to familiar to those with their eye on the dire state of public health in the "UK" brought about through years of neglect by Westminster we bring your "Classical Swine fever" - in a run up to mad cow disease.

Apparently several thousand pigs had to be slaughtered after an outbreak of CSF on a farm in East England. The disease is VERY contagious and the Dutch and Belgian governments want the European commission to ban the export of live pigs to Europe from ALL the "UK" until the problem is dealt with.

Again the Scots will suffer. English farmers will get handsome pay offs from Westminster and Scots farmers will get the cold shoulder as they did over BSE emergency funding.

You can also bet that the disease will not be correctly contained as Westminster seems more concerned with denial than accepting THEY are responsible for the problem and its solution.