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ref date:29 Nov 2000 (HEA)
Old age pensioners in Scotland snubbed by London

The body that runs Scotland on behalf of Westminster, the Scottish executive, populated by pro English-Scottish union Labour idiots has been influenced by London into scrapping a major section of the Sutherland report.

This report encouraged full time care for the most vulnerable elderly in Scottish society, to be paid for by the Scottish parliament from the meagre allowances given back to it by London.

This will now not happen, to keep Scottish Labour in line with Labour in London.

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP health spokeswoman, said "The health committee report speaks for the parliament and increases pressure on the government to stop dithering and make a clear statement that it will meet the personal care costs of all those elderly people in need."
"The debate must now move on from the principle of implementing Sutherland - which has universal support - to the question of time scale. If it is right to pay the personal care costs of elderly people, then it is right to do so today."