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ref date:3 Oct 2002 (si)
Bill Clinton and the third reich (or was that way?)
There can be little to no doubt in the minds of most Americans, Scots and English alike that when they see, hear and study Bill Clinton the feeling he evokes is one of a president, unlike the current occupant of the white house.

However, for Mr Clinton to say that the United States has a better system to deliver healthcare and education to its people than Scotland or England, the quack quack noise must sound and the words 'I THINK NOT' need to be spoken.

Private enterprise and insurance firms have COMPLETELY FAILED TO DELIVER health care or education to the majority of Americans, and will ALWAYS fail because profits come before the so called 'customers' i.e. the sick and the children.

Mr Clinton said "The ultimate case for the third way is that it works: good values, good vision, good policies. We had eight years of evidence in the United States and now five years of evidence here that it works. The third way in the end must lift our adversaries as well as our friends. The children we must never see because they are too far away, as well as those just under our feet."

Thats why the Scots languish in poverty and why London has set about ruining our education system through the private finance initiative, always with the cause held high that "Look how well it works in the USA"

Well, just now I live in the USA (as I have for 8 years, to get away from colonial Scotland) and I say categorically, it DOES NOT DELIVER. Its not evil, or a total failure, but PFI and private ventures ONLY exist to make money, the educational standards or levels of healthcare are set to make the bottom line like good.

Is that what Scotland wants?

I do not think so.