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ref date:29 Apr 2003 (eur)
Blair seeks to destroy EU and promote USA as Europes salvation
Now we see the so called 'special relationship' between London and Washington is action. Blair refers to Old Europe and then threatens every European state warning them NOT to establish a European army, not to establish a European Foreign minister because this would create a new 'centre of power' that would compete with the USA!


If Europe does not distance itself from the continued ill-advised and illegal acts of the United states, supported so ably and pathetically by the so called "UK" Europe has no future.

Failure of the European parliament to censure the USA and UK for its illegal action and imperialist behaviour WILL lead to a deterioration in world stability precisely BECAUSE the UK and USA have flouted international law and made a laughing stock of the UN.

A strong SINGLE European ministry and an armed force to help in world trouble spots under European parliamentary control is precisely what we need to do to balance out the excesses of this 'Christian thug' (Tony Blair, as Harold Pinter called him) and the retarded gerbil that is currently sinking the US economy AND good name of the USA into the toilet.

It is precisely the right time to shutdown NATO and kick out the US bases from Europe to make sure the European relationship is one built on trade and mutual respect and not one of 'Our way or the highway' as the USA has so ably demonstrated these last few weeks.

Blair is a fool. The world has changed and the USA has a great role to play, but that role is NOT to break the law and dominate Europe.