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ref date:26 Jan 2001 (HEA)
Scots parliament will foot bill for ALL elderly care in Scotland

The Liberals, in the FIRST showing of spine, since they sold their souls to get power in Scotlands 'parliament' forced the London led Labour executive to agree to foot the bill for full time care for all seniors/OAPs in Scotland, as recommended by the Sutherland report!

This IS good news, but the treasury in London will now say ' FINE YOU PAY FOR IT'.

I see an income tax rise coming though. The Scottish 'parliament' CAN raise taxes by up to 3%, under devolved rights. Even if it does happen, most Scots will not complain to bitterly, its a good thing to do.

Perhaps then the people in Scotland will see we ARE better than Westminster says we are, that we can do better by ourselves and that having absolute power over your country, rather than doing as London tells us is the way to go. Full independence.

Dr John Garner, chairman of the BMA Scottish council, expressed delight. "The executive should be complimented for its willingness to respond to the democratically expressed will of the people and recognise the consensus that exists in the Scottish parliament and in the wider country to implement the royal commission report in full."