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ref date:23 Apr 2001 (ECON)
Americas to open markets as Europe has already done

Here we see the US government reacting to what it fears the most, a strong Europe that does not depend on the US economy at all. The Free Trade agreement signed by countries in the Americas strip(!), may well help them compete, but in reality it will just flood the markets of those countries with good imported in to the USA and then re-exported or worse still, manufactured by dubious labour practices by US companies elsewhere in the world and then re-exported.

We all need to be aware that something IS wrong, when thousands demonstrate against big corporations and the police are used against them.

The game is politics, the game is filthy, its bank rolled by (mainly) US based multinationals who OWN the 'political process' in the USA, we need to make sure that companies exist to make money, provide jobs and be socially and environmentally even handed whilst they do it, they exist for NO other reason and they should have NO say in politics at all.

Or, do we want to see private business running our lives WITHOUT their puppets?