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ref date:6 Oct 2000 (EDU)
Scottish parliament a shambles as Labour stays tight lipped

The Scotland Act makes it VERY VERY clear that any member of the ruling Scottish executive, in this case Donald Dewar can be compelled (MUST) hand over any documents to the parliament that pertain to devolved matters.

John Swinney, SNP leader did the right thing in demanding the papers that show how the Scottish Schools exams authority botched up the lives of thousands of Scottish children this year.

I'd contend that ALL and ANY paperwork has to be divulged on ANY matter, whether it is 'reserved to Westminster' or not, as the European Court now protects many more rights than Westminster is willing to admit. That includes attacks on national and cultural identity, which is what the lie about Scotland being subsidized by Westminster is, a lie, and a slur the Scottish people now have the legal right to repudiate in court.