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ref date:13 Jan 2003 (cd)
Blairs comments on pre-emptive strike on Iraq smacks of terrorism itself
Whilst the London controlled air craft carrier Ark Royal fuels and gathers provisions in SCOTTISH waters, Blair is digging a hole for himself to share with another blind man across the atlantic, 'president' Bush.

He (Blair) emphasized his preference to go down the UN route in seeking multinational support for any attack on Iraq, but said that, if necessary, Britain and the US would go it alone.

WRONG answer.

Where was Blair whilst BRITISH manufactured jets murdered women north of Jakarta, where is Bush when the Israeli government and Saudi government TORTURE their people? Nowhere. In this politically expedient landscape, that Blair calls the 'third way' and Bush calls a 'new world order' you do it THEIR way , or may your God help you.

No one wants to support terrorism, but when a supposed democracy like the USA or UK is prepared to ignore UN resolutions and all their provisions, they are acting against the will of the world majority and are themselves terrorists sanctioned by their so called democracy.