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ref date:23 Aug 1999 (ECON)
SNP need to be clear independence NOT devolution

Margo MacDonald,a leading and long time figure in the SNP has said that the leadership of the SNP is being 'sucked into the Unionist system'. She said of the 'penny for Scotland' tax stance at the devolution vote "Tactically it was a non-starter. As a party, we were bounced into it by Alex Salmond. As a nationalist or a fundamentalist, I believe every issued should be viewed in the context of independence. We shouldn’t get bogged down with devolution."

And I'm afraid many agree with her, by playing along with devolution, accepting the existence of the Scottish office and trying to make do and mend, time will pass, Scotlands assets will continue to be stripped and when we're a dry husk, Westminster will say ' OK, you can be independent now'.

The SNP need to make it absolutely clear that they are still moving all possible levers to help us move towards independence, otherwise they will be forced into playing Westminsters game. Alex Salmond is a shrewed politician, and the only way you affect change is from the inside, but the SNp have to make sure that's NOT from inside the artificial constraints of Westminsters pocket!

Every closure, every turnaround by the government, every snub against the Scots needs to be jammed down the Scottish throat until the Labour contingent realise they are selling their country out. Its that simple. The degree of brainwashing London has pushed on us for 3 centuries will need to be conditioned out but continuous reminders of bitter pills we've been forced to swallow.