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ref date:3 Jul 2000 (WBA)
Labour councils will be slaughtered in next elections

Jack McConnell, Tom McCabe and Henry McLeish three London brainwashed Labour lackies are planning to say NO to Donald Dewar and the Scottish executive over plans to introduce proportional representation into local elections next year.

PR would lead to a total slaughter of poorly led Labour councils who have for too long done as Westminster told them. Introduce the poll tax, yes yes, snivel snivel.

Rename it the council tax, yes , snivel snivel.

Sell of all your housing stock. Yes, snivel snivel.

Put down all other political parties except Labour and make the people of Scotland feel dependent. yes, snivel snivel.

Now the Liberals insist of proportional representation (PR), and if they dont get it, they will hopefully sink this damnable coalition in the Scottish parliament and let the SNP, the only party to look out for Scotland - rather than Westminsters interests, win the day.