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ref date:4 Feb 1999 (SI)
Scotsman paper places Union on pedestal

It'll make you vomit.

Things seem to go from partisan to back pocket from this once lively and provocative paper based in Edinburgh.

Situated for years on North Bridge, just off the Royal mile, it plans to relocate next to the new Scottish parliament building.

Presumably that will accommodate their deluded reporters who promote the Labour lie.

There's nothing like a fall due to pride, but this paper now has none.

After its diatribe today saying how badly the SNP will do in the voting this May you'll find it admitting that Labour will NOT get a majority in the new Scottish parliament: In reality they'll LOSE. Your media manipulation will fail as Labours lies have already done.

The Scotsman paper asid in its editorial today "Few countries ever find themselves in the position Scotland is in now, few encounter quite this sort of challenge to the quality of their civic life. The most important elections Scots have faced in centuries require the most serious consideration we can give. "

What a LAUGH this is, the paper has been a one sided pro-Labour, Pro union rag for months now, it is in NO position to try and claim any high ground for arranging the debate between Dewar and Salmond