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ref date:11 Sep 1998 (EDU)
Scotsman Newspaper Derides SNP

It's a sad fact of life that the media has to takes sides with one or more political parties.

The Scotsman Newspaper, a quality broadsheet which was once the champion of many if not all things that the majority of Scots held dear, has apparently aligned itself with the right wing New Labour, the party dedicated to PREVENT Scottish independence.

Its comments today saying that the SNPs views of Scotlands education system were not all they should be (according to London) is just another example of the papers editorial line moving further to the right.

As a 'product' of the Scottish education system, O grades, Highers and Sixth year studies, followed by a stint at the University of Edinburgh I can categorically state the Scottish system IS superior in many ways to the bindingly restrictive A level scheme in England.

The 'higher still' exams that London intends to force on Scottish schools is just another example of their damnable interference. What we need is our funding restored and our schools left open, not more wishy washy ideas from a London sponsored 'think tank'.

It would also be good if snooty nosed English universities accepted the Sixth Year Studies certificates as being at the same level as the 'A' level - of course many don't and our candidates for English university entrance are discriminated against.

Will 'higher still' be lawfully enforced as being the equivalent as the 'A' level, or just foisted down to make a larger Labour mess of Scotlands education system?

The Scotsman would do better concentrating on these issues than quivering at the thought of a self governing independent Scotland. Perhaps some people at the paper have their eyes set on seats in the 'House of Lords' one day instead?