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ref date:29 Mar 2000 (SI)
Scotlands new parliament costs out of control

Scotlands new parliament building is a white elephant in the making. Rather than bring us true democracy and free us from London we give our oil and gas profits away and grovel from handouts from London. Then the dumb Labour 'executive' makes us pay for a spiffy new building we dont need.

Alex Salmond, SNP leader said - "The report makes it clear that 50m was never the true cost of the Holyrood site, and it detailed other significant areas of cost that would be necessary. Yet Donald Dewar stuck to his partial figure for 18 months after the report was submitted to him.

The Scottish people should have been given this information in December 1997. It raises very serious questions about Donald Dewar's stewardship of the Parliament project from the very beginning. It is high time he provided some answers."