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ref date:14 Aug 2000 (WBA)
Leaked labour document may be a red herring

SENIOR Labour figures are still trying to put a brave face on the leak of their party campaign document entitled "Doomsday: Can Scotland Afford to Vote SNP?"

This document is full of London sponsored and supplied figures with NO substantiation at all, that makes it appear that the SNP could not run a financially viable INDEPENDENT Scotland.

Its more than likely that this leak was arranged to get the SNP to offer rebuttals to Labour statements BEFORE the real election starts, thus giving labour more time to assassinate SNP ideas.

The SNP should be wary of this gift horse.


The leaked letter with the document said "I am a member of Labour Party staff. I have attached a working paper attacking the SNP that I am completely at odds with. I and some of my party colleagues are totally disillusioned with this sort of tactic which is no better than the Tories threw at us. Do with it what you will."