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ref date:18 Feb 2001 (WBA)
Blairs speech to Glasgows Labour sheep pathetic

Blair said the changes he was introducing were on too massive a scale to happen quickly, and that he needed the Scottish vote to give him another 4 years in power to 'complete it'.

Complete what exactly?

He has done NOTHING for Scotland, he has given us a glorified Parish council he calls a parliament and then says it is NOT a Scottish government but an executive only.

He stuck his finger up, again at the Scots as a nation.

His paternity payment is LAW because of the Social chapter, he HAS to pay up, thats a European benefit, NOT one from London and this putrid Scottish-English union.

Its a shame the idiot Labour voters who think he's a nice guy didn't ask why almost 70,000 Scottish children now live in poverty, almost 40% more than under Thatcher.