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ref date:27 Jul 2000 (ENV)
Scottish water bills drown customers

Mr Richard Lochhead , shadow water minister said the Scots would be fuming when they discovered that Labour Ministers had agreed to push up water bills to astronomical levels across Scotland to "fill the pockets of the fat cats and Labour cronies who run the water industry in Scotland."

He went on to say : "It is a scandal that Sarah Boyack (Nu-Labour minister)can take from the poor to make the fat cats fatter and her New Labour colleagues rich. It's fat cheques and jobs for the boys under New Labour in Scotland - little wonder that water bills have gone through the roof under New Labour."

REMEMBER: The tories privatised water and promised better purity, cleaner beaches and no shortages. UNDER LABOUR IN SCOTLAND all you've seen in higher bills... nothing else. STOP VOTING LABOUR, GROW A SPINE - vote SNP.