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ref date:19 Oct 1999 (SI)
Lords try to hold on using act of union as excuse

Hereditary peerage should be ended, and if Mr Blair does this one thing this year, he will have achieved something positive for the Scots and the English.

Given most Scots hereditary peers obtained their land and title by selling Scotland and its people out and into the "UNION" in 1707, its high time they were removed from any position of power.

Now Lord Gray bleats about London making illegal moves to oust these London loving , Scots ignoring "Lords" as it breaches the Trety of Union...

Too bad. he didn't say anything when the poll tax was introduced, said not enough when Scottish fishing waters were handed over to England, and did nothing when regional boundaries were altered to suit Londons voting machinations. ALL these things were illegal under the treaty....

Good bye "Lords".