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ref date:31 Oct 1999 (WBA)
Generational peers gone AT LAST - but one caveat

The very notion that someone gets a seat in the house of Lords because they are wealthy and because their family has for generations is a nonsense.

But one such Scottish peer, Baroness Strange of Perth said

"But we all feel desperately sad. I am particularly sad for the people of this country because they are going to be left defenseless against totalitarianism."

Here is a warning. The "UK" has two houses, commons and Lords to put a brake on wrongful policy that may come from Westminster. The USA has its senate and congress for exactly the same reason.

We must be VERY careful not to let Blair and other megalomaniac prime ministers put their YES men in place of the hereditary peers or the baroness will be correct - we will have a totalitarian state. Given Blairs actions to try and spy on everyone in Scotland and England and his defence of Chinas human rights record last week, perhaps the Baroness has a crystal ball secreted away in her Perthshire estate....