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ref date:4 Jul 2000 (EU)
Euro pennies from heaven

Ducking the problem again, Blair and his esoteric chancellor have a new angle on why they cant adopt the single European currency now and help all industry in Scotland/England, reduce interest rates and dump the over valued pound.

The Reason: People need to see and touch and spend it in Europe first... then we will have a referendum on dumping the pound.

So this is Westminsters policy! Once the dumb public touch and feel the money, they'll love it and feel they understand the real economic necessity for taking the Euro route and leaving the pound behind.

Thats pathetic Blair! Of course they wont get to touch the money till after the next general election so Blair can duck the issue again.

I HOPE that the Scots vote SNP and put an end to this idiocy once and for all. If the Scots stop voting labour then Labour ceases to be a power ever again. The SNP realise we need the currency now, not in a few years.