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ref date:14 Aug 2001 (ECON)
Private jails show scale of social failure in Scotland

The Private Finance Initiative ( PFI) is a failure, thats already known. Now, Henry (London lover and poodle) McLeish is setting out to destroy whats left of publically owned services in Scotland by promoting private everything (including jails), rather than jobs and education.

Private jails are bursting at the stitches across the USA where lock-up is preferable to 'grow up' and the provision of opportunities for the majority.

We see here the decline into a society model for Scotland that Blair loves, a few doing well, the majority struggling through and a sizeable and growing minority, deprived and incarcerated because they 'dont matter': How socialist, how forward looking. And of course, the private sector makes a pile of money out of this from the tax payer.