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ref date:25 Jun 1999 (ECON)
PFI institutions MAY be given back to public sector

In a pathetic attempt to placate the VERY few Labour MSPs in the Scottish 'parliament' who have a conscience and do not follow Londons line blindly, Labour announced that Private Finance Initiative schemes would be RETURNED to the public sector.

This would happen with 'things that had no other apparent use' e.g. schools, hospitals etc.

This is sheer nonsense.

An example. Firm B builds a new bypass round Glasgow say, it CHARGES a toll for using this road. Do you think it will want to give ip its share of tolls and blindly give it back to then Scottish people? Is the Forth Road bridge free?

Firm C, puts money into a private lab for a new hospital and then charges the hospital what it likes to do lab work. DO you think Firm C will return this to the public or hike prices and fight tooth and nail to keep its little monopoly?

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP education minister said: "The SNP opposes PFI because it is expensive to the taxpayer, but the overriding reason for the SNP’s opposition to PFI is because it is privatisation of public services. The assets created by PFI will never, never return to public ownership."

PFI does NOT work. The USA is riddled with such screwed up schemes