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ref date:2 Feb 1998 (WBA)
Labour spies on Scots more

More warrants for wiretapping Scottish voters phones are issued per head of Scottish population than south of the border in jolly old England.

Is London afraid that the Scots may be planning to tell London where to stuff their "UK" and rigged Scottish parliament?

I'd urge all Scottish email senders to encourage the paranoia of the corrupt London and Scottish office government and encrypt all their email to 1024 bit using PGP. Even if your mail is, see you in Bannermans at 8 ... let them sweat!

PGP interfaces with many windows and unix based systems and can be found at


UNIX sites
read the encryption legislation, then balance your rights to privacy as an individual over what governments tell you! After all we all know criminals and (governments) never wire tap or encrypt phone/internet traffic....