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ref date:23 Sep 2001 (WBA)
ID cards a pathetic, illegal and obtrusive response to terrorism

We have seen the WTC terrorists having multiple passports, driving licenses, airline pilot credentials and lord alone knows what other so called 'official' documents issued by MANY states, including the so called "UK".

Blair is using the attack in New York to say we must all now carry ID cards.

What a crock of garbage.

As if that will mean anything except more illegal tagging of the population by Whitehall secret services.

These cards were not necessary after years or IRA activity (funded often by Irish Catholics and Protestants who HID in the USA and used NORAID-US cash to murder civilians and then say it was 'political' therefore OK to kill....) and have not stopped ETA from murdering in Spain.

Civil Liberty is at stake and bits of plastic forced into our hands would, in my case, go into the bin. A driving license with a photo and NO magnetic strip data MAY be acceptable, but then again, you can buy these on the street corner in any US city for example!

This isn't bleeding heart Liberalism, nor a plea for anarchy, its highlighting the Orwellian slope that 'Western' states would pull us down, for no means except their own hidden agendas.

We all know what to do with ALL terrorists now, be they Irish Cathlolic, Irish Protestant, ETA or Moslem extremist. We should not give up our civil liberty when the terrorists will just use legal and forged documents anyway!