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ref date:5 Jun 2002 (cd)
Plastic bullets to hit Scottish streets
The use of plastic bullets has led to many deaths across the world, they generally kill if they strike the head or heart at ranges of up to 30m (35 yards). They should not be classified as non-lethal. Understandably serious criminals may well be armed, but resorting to firearms does not work. Look at the mess in the United States.

Ricky Gray, Strathclyde assistant chief constable, said the introduction of baton guns was designed to fill a gap in the police's armoury between CS gas and live rounds. He said they would not be used in public order situations We'll see, Blair seems set on using the iron fist, much like his Chinese friends, to stop any show of 'anti British behaviour'. Which could range from a picket over petrol prices to perhaps waving a Scottish rather than a 'British' one at the 'celebration' of Queen who's 50'th year in power over the Scots.